Gigi de l'Acier

& the Hamburg Midi Ensemble

an offer  for the curious

Taste comes is many flavors, colours and sounds – perception may differ. 


Music is a form of social communication; musical performance is a site of social intercourse, and a form of social dialogue. In surviving oral cultures, the relation between musical senders and musical receivers is much more fluid and symbiotic than in modern Western society.

The anthropological evidence is unequivocal. There are no composers in such societies set apart from other musicians in a separate caste, and music is far from an exclusive activity of specialized performers.


Pour LOver

Be good, be nice and smile.

some random cunt


By non-attachment, you overcome and deny the power of anything to act upon you. It is very easy to say that nothing has the right to act upon you until you allow it to do so; but what is the true sign of the man who really does not allow anything to work upon him, who is neither happy nor unhappy when acted upon by the external world? The sign is that good or ill fortune causes no change in his mind: in all conditions he continues to remain the same.”


the Story

The outside is hostile – the inside is pure. The inside is hostile – the outside is pure.

Swim in a river of thoughts, evoke reactions, spontaniouse combustions and endless repetitions. This is an invitation to come along for a free ride. Step back, dive in, relax and explode.